Couple's Therapy - 3 Pack

Couple's Therapy Kit
Couple's Therapy Kit
Inside Chocolate First Aid Kit, 3 bottles of chocolate
Chocolate Prescription Card
  • We're in it for the long haul.

    I promise to love and cherish you for all of my days, as long as my chocolate stash is full. The Couple's Therapy Kit 3-pack is the perfect gift for that special someone or couple in your life. A great way to say thank you, congratulations for your wedding or engagement, or just thinking of you.

    • 100% Premium Belgian Chocolate
    • Includes 3 bottles available in 3 delicious flavor varieties
    • Real first-aid box
    • Blank prescription note to use as a gift card
    • Fair trade certified cocoa, non GMO, no artificial ingredients, colors or flavors

    Nutritional & Allergy Warnings



  • The Chocolate Crisis Center 3-pack is a real, reusable plastic first-aid box packed with 3 Daily Doses bottles of premium Belgian chocolate. Every Chocolate Crisis Center kit comes with a blank prescription card to use as a gift card.

    • First-aid box 8.25 “ x 5” x 3”
    • Each bottle contains approximately 6.5 oz.
    • Net wt. 18 oz. net total wt.
  • A Chocolate Crisis Center chocolates are made with all natural 100% premium Belgian chocolate and ingredients.

    • Delicious layers of complex flavors
    • Fair trade certified cocoa
    • Non-GMO ingredients
    • Free from artificial ingredients, colors or flavors

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