How the Chocolate Crisis Center was born

The Chocolate Crisis condition was inspired* by real-life events.

At a lookout in beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, co-creators Lisa Heppner and JC Bourque observed a woman frantically digging through her belongings and screaming (OK, whimpering loudly) for help. Mercy Flight was quick to the scene, rushing the women to a local critical care unit. Following up on the lady's condition, they discovered she had experienced a chocolate crisis–her supply had run out.

Recognizing a great opportunity when they saw one, Lisa and JC paid off the woman's emergency transportation debt and seized the day to bring faster and more cost-effective relief to chocotillions of chocolate addicts everywhere.

The Chocolate Crisis Center was born.

* we said "inspired."

Lisa Heppner and JC Bourque are owners of Denver-based creative agency Heppner & Bourque, Inc.