About Chocolate Crisis Center

Delicious Fun for the Chocolate Lover

Have you ever found yourself crazed for something sweet, rich and tasty, that nothing else but chocolate will satisfy? Then you’ve obviously had a chocolate crisis! At Chocolate Crisis Center®, our mission is to provide chocolate lovers with only the best, most-delectable Belgian chocolates, packaged in doses and kits for any condition— from a minor craving to a full-scale emergency. Best of all, you don't need to wait for professional help, because you write your own prescription! Our cacao pharmacy is open online 24/7, or you can stop by our Denver store and enjoy a free tasting and personalized consultation to help you find the perfect gift for the chocolate addicts in your life (including yourself).

Chocolate Crisis Center products are made in the U.S. with gourmet-quality caramels, truffles, nuts and fruits, lavishly covered with rich Belgian dark and milk chocolate. These delicious confections are topped with cocoas, spices and fruit essences for a wide range of delectable taste surprises!

The Chocolate Crisis Center Story

The Chocolate Crisis condition was inspired* by real-life events.

At a lookout in Rocky Mountain National Park, co-creators Lisa Heppner and JC Bourque observed a woman frantically digging through her belongings and screaming (OK, whimpering loudly) for help. Mercy Flight was quick to the scene, rushing the women to a local critical care unit. While following up on the lady's condition, they discovered she had experienced a full-blown CHOCOLATE CRISIS–her supply had run out and she was nowhere near a source of supply.

Recognizing a great need when they saw one, Lisa and JC paid off the woman's emergency transportation debt and seized the day to bring faster and more cost-effective relief to chocotillions of chocolate addicts everywhere.

The Chocolate Crisis Center was born.

* We said, "inspired."

Lisa Heppner and JC Bourque are owners of Denver-based creative agency Heppner & Bourque, Inc.


Visit our store:

Chocolate Crisis Center
3370 Walnut St
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 Open M-F 9am-5pm or by appointment.

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