Just in Time for Back to School

Just in Time for Back to School

Now it’s easier than ever to dis-intermediate learner-centered efficacies within the core curriculum!
Are you tired of writing your own edu-babble for documents, grants and accreditation reports? Sick of using your personal time to create authentic-sounding, yet meaningless educational phraseology for documentation you shouldn’t need to do in the first place? You are in luck! Using this handy online tool, you can instantly create gems like:

“We will share out inquiry-centered living documents across content areas.”
“Our team must innovate interdisciplinary strategies within the Zone of Proximity.”

“The department’s new strategy will iterate interactive cohorts for high-performing seats.”
Every one of these jargon beauties was produced with a click of the mouse, right here! Why waste your precious time linking multi-syllable words into incomprehensible strings for use in pointless documentation? Get back to doing what you do best: Teaching!
Best of all, the time you save can be spent enjoying indulgences like delicious Belgian chocolate! It’s a twofer: a clear mind and a delectable snack. Start today!
This message was brought to you by the Chocolate Crisis Center Teaching Survival Kit. Helping teachers cope from coast to coast for over ten years.

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