Major Crisis Kit

Give Me the *#!*@ Chocolate!

The Major Crisis Kit™ is for more serious situations, where major chocolate anesthesia may be necessary. Get in for the long haul. Includes your choice of 3 Daily Dose flavors and a Prescription.Choose from several themes to fit your crisis! We've got a cure for everything from Teaching, to Finals, to Nursing, to Motherhood, and more!18 oz. net chocolate wt. You may also Build your own Crisis Kit!


Build Your Custom Crisis Kit:

Available Flavors

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

Raspberry Truffle

Decadent and tart

Coffee Toffee Crunch

Sweet, dark & crunchy, with a twist.

Dark Chocolate Almond Zen

Simple Perfection.

Triple Chocolate Truffle

Nothing but rich, creamy, decadent chocolate.

Milk Chocolate Cherry Torte

Smooth and creamy milk around a dried sweet cherry.

Chocolate Sea Salt Carmelita

Dark, with a hint of salt with caramel.