Get Your Daily Dose
Just the right size to get your chocolate fix.

Available in single-sized bottles or customize a gift box Crisis Kit to create a personalized gift. Chocolate Crisis Center Daily Doses include our Everyday Flavors such as Tiramisu Cocoa Caramel, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Carmelita, Triple Chocolate Truffle, Dark Chocolate Almond Zen and more. All are made with premium ingredients and pure Belgian chocolate.

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Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

Raspberry Truffle

Rekindle your love for this original CCC favorite. A creamy raspberry truffle center is covered in dark chocolate and finished off with a raspberry powered sugar that will leave you longing for more of this tart flavor combo. Product Info.

Price: $10.00

Coffee Toffee Crunch

Put some pep in your step with Coffee Toffee Crunch™. This concoction of roasted espresso beans and crisp toffee inside an envelope of rich Belgian dark chocolate. This palate-pleaser has a tasty crunch and an espresso punch.  Net wt. 6.0 oz. Product Info.

Price: $10.00

Dark Chocolate Almond Zen

Keep calm and munch on. Dark Chocolate Almond Zen™ is a harmoniously simple combination that starts with fresh Supreme almonds that are dry-roasted to perfection and then bathed in premium Belgian dark chocolate, creating an unbeatable flavor with tons of antioxidant goodness.  Net wt. 6.0 oz. Product Info.

Price: $10.00

Triple Chocolate Truffle

Warning: This is serious chocolate therapy. A creamy chocolate truffle is enrobed in dark Belgian 72%-cacao delightfulness. That should be enough to satisfy any chocolate craving. But it’s not enough for us. For a perfect finish, we dust the whole thing with black cocoa. Are you sitting down?... Product Info.

Price: $10.00

Milk Chocolate Cherry Torte

This decadent fusion of ingredients results in the perfect flavor balance. A tangy morsel of dried cherry is surrounded by a cocoon of creamy milk chocolate for an unforgettable indulgence.  Net wt. 6.5 oz. Product Info.

Price: $10.00

Chocolate Sea Salt Carmelita

Caramel and sea salt. This savory/sweet combo will leave your taste buds delightfully satisfied. How could anyone improve on it? Smooth premium dark chocolate— that’s how! Wow.  Net wt. 6.0 oz. Product Info.

Price: $10.00